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Women's Defense Classes at Perfect Shot Branson

Bold Confident Girls
Classes are fun, entertaining, informative and impacting! You’ll gain confidence like never before in how to defend yourself and overcome adverse situations. You’ll even learn how to “fit” a handgun to your hand so that ergonomically you shoot more accurately. We’ll even go over all the possible physical areas to successfully carry your handgun even through different seasons of life.  You do not need to own the defense tool of your choice before taking this class.

Customized Classes:
Perhaps you're a teenager that would benefit from a personal protection class. These classes are custom designed for the needs and desires of the enrollees. Overall, the class is great for all women, all ages, all stages and all seasons of life. It’s never too early or too late to begin developing your protection skills. This is THE class to start learning and building your confidence to handle multiple types of situations.

Custom Defense Classes for Girls Perfect Shot Branson
Women's Defense Class - Perfect Shot Branson

It was a great team building class for our salon. It empowered them to take action if needed to and gave them the confidence to handle situations they may encounter. With this ever changing world I want the people who are most important to me to be safe.

Hair Salon Owner/Manager

Your Next Steps

  1. CHOOSE YOUR COURSE & DATE - Go HERE to choose your course. Click the course box and you'll be taken to a calendar to choose your dates.  Don't forget we also have online classes you can take at your own pace.
  2. PAYMENT - You can pay online through our reservation system.  If you need to change dates, just follow the instructions or call our office and our friendly will be glad to assist you.
  3. EMAIL NOTIFICATION - Upon enrollment you'll receive an email with details to help you better prepare for your class time.  It will have information about dress and arrival times and for the 8 hour class, there will be instructions about lunch, snacks, and drinks, etc.  If you do not receive this email, call Rebecca immediately at 417-320-6224.


This form is where you can share with Rebecca the reasons for your interests in a specific defense class and what you desire to learn most.  This is a safe place to share your fears & concerns.  
This form will not be shared anywhere with anyone but Rebecca.

For LIVE classes, click the "online payment" button.

Secure Payment

Women's Defense Classes - Perfect Shot Branson


The classroom at Perfect Shot Branson holds 12 ladies. Instructor Rebecca Alderman, the owner of Moms & Guns & Perfect Shot, purposefully keeps the Conceal Carry classes small for better interaction with students & personal instruction that feeds the class as a whole.

An informational email will be sent to you the Monday before your class time with details to help you better prepare.

So gather your girlfriends together and plan your certification class or customized self defense class TODAY!

Check our our Online Class options, too!
(This link will take you to Rebecca's "SafeGuard Series" of online classes.

Women's Defense Classes - Perfect Shot Branson

Certification Class Basics

- 6-7 hours standard class time (Saturdays or ask about multiple evening schedules)
- 2 hour instruction time in a Gun Simulators and/or the Live Fire Range qualification, if needed
- Live Fire Range Personal Appointment with Rebecca for Final Qualification (Only if you desire to receive a Reciprocity Conceal Carry Permit)
- Certificate required by the State of MO to present to Sheriff’s Office (Only if you desire to receive a Carry Permit)
- Workbook(s) provided
- Targets, Handgun & Ammunition provided (If you do NOT desire to receive a permit, you will be provided with practice time in the gun simulator with Rebecca.)

Women's Defense Classes - Perfect Shot Branson

Discussion Topics

For Teens: (3-4 hours)
- Sticky situations with Tricky People
- Dating Precautions
- Best Friends & Safe Places
- Rules of Engagement
- Home Invasion Prevention

For Moms: (6-8 hours)
- Children and gun safety in the home
- Multiple body positions & holsters for carrying
- Ergonomic accuracy when shooting
- Fitting a gun to your hand & purchasing the best gun for you individually
- Rules of Engagement for different situations 
- Training children to assist appropriately during a home invasion without scaring them


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