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Gun Simulations

Are you a perfect shot? Let’s find out at Perfect Shot Branson! We offer shoot/don’t shoot, multi-directional moving target, and hunting scenarios. Choose a handgun or rifle replica to test your aim without spending extra on ammunition.

Safety Classes

Perfect Shot is dedicated to providing ways for families to become stronger – together – against crime. We offer various safety classes online for women and for men so that everyone has an equal opportunity to initiate their own personal protection plan.


Check out our Winter Shooting Leagues to see if you’re the best shot in Branson, MO!

Also, book our VR rooms for that special birthday party or corporate team building event.

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We offer over 30 VR games and 21 gun simulations for you to choose from. Challenge yourself on one game, or try different games during your purchased time. View examples of our games or simulations before coming over to Perfect Shot.