Things to do in Branson, MO

What every local or visiting family needs to know at a glance

Cryptex Escape Room

Ages: 7-107. At least one person needs to be over 18 years old.
Signed waiver required by each patron to turn in when they arrive.
People typically spend up to 2 hours here
Online booking only.
Whole family or team experiences.
Arrive 15 minutes prior to game time. If you arrive late, your full 60-minute time slot is not guaranteed.
What to bring? Comfortable shoes and your wit. Signed Waiver.
Free lockers for personal belongings.
Six Escape Rooms to choose from of varying difficulty levels.
Space Travel (A.I. Takeover), 221B GameMaster (Murder Investigation), Tourist Trap,Pursuit of Steam, Spy Catcher, Crypt (Coming Soon)
New Mobile escape room: Spy v. Spy (Americans v. Russians) – 50% non-refundable deposit required to secure date/location. Full payment due 2 weeks prior to the event.
Each game is 30 or 60 minutes
Price per person is $25, 2-9 players needed for each game.
Cancellation Policy: Mobile Escape Room Deposit is non-refundable. In the event you need to change your date or time, there’s a re-booking fee. Other Escape Rooms are all FINAL purchases. Refunds or cancellations are not allowed. The game may be rescheduled prior to 72 hours before your reservation. Other people outside your group may be playing alongside you. To book a private room, contact Cryptex.
Medical Restrictions: Not recommended for Pregnant, Claustrophobic, Heart Condition, or those unable to stand for extended periods of time.
What happens once inside the escape room? You will have the ability to escape by solving clues, puzzles, riddles, obstacles, and challenges. There’s an opportunity for every person to contribute to the team’s success. Everything you need to solve the escape is provided within the walls of the rooms. This is truly a theatrical experience with state of the art sets, costumes, props, actors and a twist around every corner.
Am I really locked in? The six escape rooms listed above must be solved to escape. The Mobile Escape Room does not trap you in a room but there are scenarios to accomplish for you and your team to win. If a problem or emergency arises in the building, staff will come on the speakers to instruct you how to immediately leave the area.

Branson Roller Coaster

You control the speed of this unique coaster ride.
Five minutes ride $15
Additional rides $7 each
Hint: Too much fun – can’t ride just one time.
Professional Photos for a fee when you exit the ride.

Fritz’s Adventure

Parents/Guardian/Grandparents 1 Day Admission Rate: Upper-Level Seating $12 Lower Level Observation $22
Parents required to pay for Lower Level Entrance for themselves to follow younger children.
One Day Admission Rate per the following:
Ages 4-11 $21.95
Ages 12+ $29.95
Ages 55+ $14.95
Limited Adventure $21.95
Non-Adventurer $11.95
Flying Experience – Separate Charge – 2 Flights $65/3 Flights $85
Under 16 requires an adult chaperone to get in the door.
Under 12 must be accompanied by 16+ on the floor.
Height limit for kids is 4 feet.
People typically spend 3.5 hours. Go do something else and return before bedtime. The kids sleep well.
Military discount available.
15% discount given for local residents but this does not apply to party or group packages.
No online booking necessary. Just walk in.
Highly recommended to wear sneakers but not required. Comfortable clothes a plus.
No outside food, snacks or drinks allowed. You can purchase refreshments at the cafe.
$5 Lockers available for personal belongings.

Silver Dollar City

For this all day fun experience, be sure to save your receipt in a safe place, on your person, to receive a refund when it rains. You can leave the theme park and return the same day when you get your hand stamped, as well as keeping your ticket.
Adult Admissions: Walkups 1 Day $65 – Seniors $63 – Season Pass $103/$97
Youth Admissions: Walkups 1 Day $54
No discounts for local residents.
You can bring in outside food but there’s way too many great snacks like fresh kettle corn, pork rinds, etc., that’s too hard to pass up. Eatin’ is part of the fun!
They have acres of parking. Some parking is a half-mile or further from the gate but they have shuttles running continually to take you to and from your parking spot. They also have handicap parking and paid parking places up close if you prefer.
Certified service dogs only allowed in the theme park.
Electric wheelchairs are available for rent.
Locker rentals are available. The locker rentals by the TimeTraveler are the most conveniently located, but they’re also the busiest locker area.
Weather needs to be above 42 degrees, above freezing, for rides to operate.

A Perfect Shot

For ages 5-95 and we have adults observation area(s) free of charge throughout the building. The building, simulator rooms, and virtual booths are handicap accessible. Adults must accompany children under 16 in the simulator rooms. Whether you’re in the virtual booth or a simulator room, you’re not purchasing a specific game or scenario, you’re purchasing TIME. So you can move from game to game and keep playing until you’re time is up. Parents and friends can take all the pictures and videos of the players they like on their personal phones or camera equipment. Please, no food or drink allowed in the playing areas. Drink lots of water and BE hydrated when you come to play in the VR booth. Carbonated drinks will DE-hydrate so save those for another day.