Women’s Safety Class

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Hour Glass Duration: 2-8 hours

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  • Develop awareness for dangerous situations
  • Develop strategy and awareness for two protection tools

Users Women only

Recognizing & Navigating Danger

Ladies, mothers, & daughters only! Every girl, mom, and grandmother has the right to be confident, live in peace, strength, and dignity, and joyfully approach their future because they no longer live in fear. Investigating our whole person and how we each recognize and respond to developing situations ultimately enables us to courageously prepare a personal protection plan. Each session builds on the previous one. You can learn how to overcome fear in our two-hour session, and conquer fear in our eight-hour session.

Two-hour Session
Honestly answering a set of questions after being guided through case studies, you immediately increase your ability to readily recognize danger. In this course, you learn the purpose, strategy, and proper initiation of two carefully selected hands-on protection tools, increasing your ability to navigate danger to a successful conclusion. Get ready to live life to the fullest, overcoming fear with peace, joy, and confidence to face the future.

Four-hour Session
This course has multiple scenarios to learn from, with a great assortment of protection tools, live demonstrations, and information on how to deal with the aftermath of an incident. This is the same as the two-hour class but with more scenarios to learn from, a greater assortment of protection tools, live demonstrations, and information on dealing with the aftermath of an incident.

Eight-hour Session
This class is ideal for women who do not own a handgun prior to attending. If you desire your permit, you must take a mandatory offsite portion of the class that includes live-fire testing to receive your certification papers from the instructor. Scheduling the offsite portion for the required live-fire testing takes place during the final hour of class.

As circumstances change throughout the seasons of your life, you might consider a firearm as your main defense tool. This class includes all the mandatory topics required by the State of Missouri but tailored specifically to the needs of a civilian woman at home alone or with children. There are special additions to the class, including how to purchase the right firearm for the individual woman, carrying options with safety tips and dealing with an aftermath legally. Handguns, ammunition, safety gear, and targets will be provided at no extra cost for this offsite portion of the class.

Please note: The course has a 12-person minimum
While we don’t anticipate this being an issue, please know that there is a chance we might have to change dates if we don’t have 12 attendees. If this is the case, we notify you in advance and ask you which new date options work best for you and your group.

You may arrive 5-10 minutes prior to 6 p.m. to choose your seating arrangement with your group. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring a pen and notepad.