Perfect Shot Gun Safety Classes

Create your own personal protection plan

Perfect Shot is dedicated to providing ways for families to become stronger – together – against crime.

Women’s Defense Classes are fun and thorough, and they teach the civilian woman to defend herself and loved ones at home, shopping, or traveling. Women age 19 up can receive their Conceal Carry Permit if needed. Custom defense classes are available for girls age 15 up.

Also, check out our online class for families. Online class enrollment is available.

We also provide Men’s Safety Classes, so everyone has an equal opportunity to initiate their own personal protection plan.

We also offer online classes

Our Safety Classes: Online, Live, Certification, Customized

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Discussion Topics

For Teens – 3-4 hours:

    • Sticky situations with tricky people
    • Dating precautions
    • Best friends & safe places
    • Rules of engagement
    • Home invasion prevention

For Moms – 6-8 hours:

  • Children and gun safety in the home
  • Multiple body positions and holsters for carrying
  • Ergonomic accuracy when shooting
  • Fitting a gun to your hand and purchasing the best gun for you individually
  • Rules of engagement for different situations
  • Training children to assist appropriately during a home invasion without scaring them

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Certification Class Basics

  • Six to seven hours is the standard class time – Saturdays, or ask about multiple evening schedules
  • Two-hour instruction time in a gun simulator and/or the Live Fire Range qualification, if needed
  • Live Fire Range personal appointment with Rebecca for final qualification – Only if you desire to receive a Reciprocity Conceal Carry Permit
  • Certificate required by the State of MO to present to Sheriff’s Office – Only if you desire to receive a Carry Permit
  • Workbook(s) provided
  • Targets, handgun, and ammunition provided – If you do NOT desire to receive a permit, you are provided with practice time in the gun simulator with Rebecca.

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The classroom at Perfect Shot Branson holds 12 people. Instructor Rebecca Alderman, the owner of Moms & Guns and Perfect Shot, purposefully keeps the Conceal Carry classes small for better interaction with students and personal instruction that feeds the class as a whole.

An informational email is sent to you the Monday before your class time with details to help you better prepare.

So gather your girlfriends together and plan your certification class or customized self-defense class today!