Handgun Room Simulation

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 15-60 minutes

Gun Skills achieved:

  • Shoot/don’t shoot scenarios
  • Multi-directional moving targets
  • Split-second decision-making drills

Checkmark Inclusions: Choose from eight handgun simulations

The Perfect Shot

Come enjoy 15-60 minutes of handgun simulation. The handgun room has shoot/don’t shoot scenarios and target practice. From multi-directional moving targets to split-second decision-making police drills, stretch your current skill level as you face the challenges presented within each scenario.

Play for fun, where your whole party shoots simultaneously, or competitively, where each member of your party shoots a set separately and compares scores. You’re bound for high-level shooting experiences that bring smiles as you master the journey!

Family members/friends are more than welcome to watch as well.