Winter Shooting Leagues

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 30 minutes per session for five weeks

Gun Virtual Shot Game: Foxtrot Pro

Users Teammates: Two people compose a team

Dollar Champion team wins $300

Official 2019 Course Information:

  1. Winter Shooting Leagues happens once per year.
  2. The tournament takes place for five weeks from January 7 – February 23, including two extra weeks in the end for make-ups.
  3. We announce the winners on the last week of February.
  4. The prize is $300 for the champion team of the Foxtrot Pro Course
  5. We need a certain number of teams to form between now and November 15 for this fun to become a reality. Couples welcome.

Form your team now!

Form your team: Two people make a team. Your scores are averaged each week for the team score. Your five-week scores are averaged for the overall team score. The team with the lowest score is named Champion of Foxtrot Pro.

Important: it’s first come, first served on the time slots, so enroll now online.

Choose your day to score: After you enroll for your team, you receive an email with special instructions to use the enclosed codes to book your weekly time frames. If you miss a week and need to make it up, use the unused code on the last two weeks of February set aside specifically for make-ups before the winning champs are announced. It takes about 30 minutes for two people to shoot one single practice and scoring run per shooter.

Choose your team name: Your team name goes on the ebony-finished plaque that is mounted on the wall at Perfect Shot.

Let’s do this, guys and gals!