PLAY MORE THAN ONE GAME:  Depending on how much time you purchase, you can play more than one game.  When you’re ready to change games, just ask and we’ll move you to your next game quickly.


Bring 3-4 teammates together to the most fierce war in human history -World War II. Front Defense: Heroes is a multiplayer VR shooting game set in WWII. Are you up for the challenge?  Please call for an appointment.

Step into a wintery Christmas scene where it’s snowing and Christmas music is playing. Then the fun game begins that is sure to make you a champion at throwing snowballs.  Must be at least 4 feet tall.


As a Nordic Viking, you collect all the sapphires, rubies, & keys that you can find, while you fight your way through the cave with sword & shield in hand. Follow the signs to upgrade to a sword of fire.

Jump into your weapons turret and defend your planet against endless waves of enemies determined to blast you and crew into oblivion. Be the warrior hero in this incredibly immersive experience.

Fight off relentless waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets you would ever need. Blast your way into the space pirate hall of fame right here at Perfect Shot Branson.

Step inside the Fruit Ninja universe and experience a slice of virtual reality like never before. Play Fruit Ninja VR at Perfect Shot today!

Travel back in time to WW2 and experience what it was like to fight as a soldier.. The Last Sniper aims to simulate the sounds, visuals and feel of what it might have been like to be a soldier during wartime.

Your childhood dream has come true! Get trained by your own personal robot and deflect all incoming laser beams with your self-illuminated plasma blades.

Enter the virtual reality sword fighting arena of Sword Master VR! Test your skills with the blade against smart and interactive AI enemies! Unlock new swords and game modes! Prove that you are the sword master!

Survive wave after wave of enemy AI bots in this intergalactic VR game. Switch between shield and blade with the click of a button, charge up your light blade by blocking incoming laser bolts, and unleash a powerful EMP blast!

Step into the final days of World War II’s European theater.  The invasion of Normandy is over. The fiercest firefights of the war have just begun. Hunker down behind well-armed positions as you duck, dive, switch and reload weapons, throw grenades, and man mounted guns to fight back the enemy assault.

Use heavy weaponry against increasingly brutal enemy soldiers, arm the Bazooka or call in airstrikes against armored cars and heavy tanks, and man the thunderous 50-Cal to take down suicidal Stuka dive bombers. Get ready for some reality fighting at war.


Bring 3-4 teammates together to the most fierce war in human history -World War II. Front Defense: Heroes is a multiplayer VR shooting game set in WWII. Are you up for the challenge?  Please call for an appointment.

Multi-Player: Best played with 4

QuiVr is the defining archery experience, made from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Grab your bow, arrows, and some friends to defend the castle entrance and fight the enemy onslaught. Game can be played as a single or multi-player.  Multi-player is by appointment only.

Multi-Player for Up to 3

By Appointment Only

ART in 3D

Let your imagination run wild creating 3D objects with 6 simple tools.  This is a game for artists of all ages.  Create, build, paint and enjoy!

Use your wand to reveal your world in virtual reality, make it come to life & make it your own … Come see a beautiful fantasy world and play like a kid again!

Bubble Labs is perfect way to introduce people to VR. The controls were designed with beginners and kids in mind, so that people of all ages can play. Create, mold, and experiment with liquid physics using Nvidia’s flex particle physics! You will be amazed with the physics and colors of this world.

Paint life-sized 3D stars, light, fire and much more. Unlock possibilities designing your own dress, painting a garden or an entire universe. Walk around your art and view from all sides. It’s simply amazing!  Perfect Shot will save your art and send you a copy to your email address.


Experience the wonder & majesty of the ocean through different habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe-inspiring species on the planet – like an 80 foot whale.

Experience the freedom of flying over the skies of Paris like never before imagined!  As an eagle, you soar past iconic landmarks & dive through narrow streets to fight opponents and protect your territory.

On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. You can now experience this event by becoming Neil Armstrong and boarding the Saturn V Rocket which is still to this day the most powerful machine ever created by humans.


Choose from a genre of songs including Kim Walker Smith, Justin Bieber, Star Wars Theme Song, Classical and oldies but goodies, including Johnny Cash. All you have to do is give the water bombs a creative punch with your shield to the wave of the music.

Audioshield puts you at the point of impact for every hit in your music. The water bombs glide in slowly for mellow parts of the songs, then ramp up for intense crescendos with cross-body, double-shield and high altitude hits. Get ready to rock!

STORY LINE - Timed Episodes

You can be Spider-Man for few moments.  Put on Peter Parker’s costume and practice your skills at webbing and saving lives! This game will take you anywhere between 7-10 minutes, depending on how well you can web like Spider-Man.

Step into a Star War’s scene with R2D2 for about 6 minutes.  This is a chance of a lifetime to experience Star Wars up close and personal.