Enjoy great fun with friends & family in this unique setting in Branson.  While you play in the Virtual room, family & friends can watch the excitement on the monitors above each booth. In the gun simulators, prepare for up to 4 players per room and choose your scenario: target practice or competition, self defense practice, hunting or “just for fun” shooting games. So gather your group together and make your appointment according to the instructions behind each tab, button or link.  Let the FUN BEGIN!

Membership Packages

We are always searching for ways to celebrate our great city of Branson and all her surrounding communities. You asked about “MEMBERSHIPS” and now we are setting them up just for you!  We hope this makes your 2018 New Year one of the best ever for you and your family.  Memberships are one type of gift that keeps giving all year long!  We’ll see you soon!

There are only 20 Gold Eagle Memberships and 25 Silver Marshall Memberships available for 2018.

Get the details HERE.


All the information you need about Cash Prizes, Shooting Courses, Dates & Team Enrollment can be found HERE. Let the challenge begin!  Who will be the best Women’s Shooting Team in Branson?  Who will be the star Men’s Shooting Team in these parts? 

  • Gather your best 4 team members together now and get them ready to enroll online right here.
  • Competition begins the week of January 22, 2018.
  • Make-ups for individuals are allowed by first come first serve dates available before final scoring.


Loyalty Program @ Perfect Shot Branson

It’s simple and OH SO worth it…..  Perfect Shot wants to reward you royally as our most valued customers.   All you have to do is tell us on your next visit you want to EARN 10 Stars and we’ll get you enrolled in the Loyalty Reward Program.  How do you earn your stars?We’re so glad you asked. Click #2 tab above for the details ….

You earn 1 star each time you visit and play 15 minutes of Virtual Reality games OR 15 minutes of Gun Simulator games. You get 2 stars if you play 30 minutes of Virtual OR 30 minutes of Gun Simulator games.  How cool is that? A valid email address is necessary to enroll, but we’ll give you 1 STAR just for signing up and to get you started. Tell ALL your friends and start collecting your STARS TODAY!  See you soon!


Happy Birthday Party @ Perfect Shot Branson

Kids' Birthday Parties

Someone special in your life having a birthday soon?  We’ve got THE unique answer for making it the best birthday ever.  Bring your special someone and their friends to Perfect Shot for a great time of FUN, GAMES & lots of photo & video moments to share for years to come.

Please give yourself and Perfect Shot plenty of room to plan for your child’s Birthday Party. A month before the actual party day secures the available date. Parties are scheduled for Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings.  Call 417-320-6224 to confirm your date.   Party Planning Sheet – COMING SOON!

For a 2 hour birthday party, Perfect Shot can accommodate:

  • up to 17 party invitees, plus the birthday boy/girl totaling 18 children
  • 15 minutes playtime per child, including birthday boy/girl totaling 1.5 hours
  • 30 minutes cake/presents celebration in private back room

Decorations & Clean Up: Perfect Shot does not have a permit to serve food but parents may provide cupcakes, non-red colored drinks, party favors & decorations.  Arrangements can be made for decorating prior to birthday boy/girl’s arrival the day of or day before your party date. Perfect Shot request a quick clean up of paper disposables be done by adults.  One public rest room is available on site. Wipes will be available for hands before entering the game room. No food or drinks in the game room.

Feel free to call 417-320-6224 to ask questions & book your child’s birthday party. We are here to help you and your family have a great time and create special memories. Birthday Package is $150 and Includes 11 invitees + birthday boy/girl = 12 children. Each additional child is $10. (Maximum: 18 children per party.) Parents are responsible for enlisting at least 3 adults to assist the children at the party. 50% Deposit secures your party date and is non-refundable. Balance due on party day. VR GAME CHOICE: Prior to Party Day, Birthday boy/girl should pick out 3 VR Games off our website to play and let Perfect Shot staff know so they can get the booths ready for your arrival. The children can pick which booth game they want to play when they arrive. Each child will be able to play at least 15 minutes for one game choice. 

Bus Tour Groups @ Perfect Shot Branson

Bus Groups - (Church Groups / Senior Adults)

Got up to 20 people in your group?  Not a problem!  We have FUN for everyONE!  Call ahead to let us know you’re coming and what games you’re most interested in playing and we’ll get everything ready for you.  See you soon!

Plan your 2 hour Church Choir or Youth Group FUN TIME TODAY! Perfect Shot can accommodate up to 20 teens in the Virtual Realm room and an additional 8 in the handgun and rifle simulator rooms.  For teens ages 13 up, Perfect Shot requests at least 3 adults accompany the group.  A back room can be set up for carry-in pizza and water.  The group is responsible for its own paper serving goods and quick clean-up disposal per city code. At least 2 Perfect Shot staff will be present to serve your group.  Call 417-320-6224 for more details and book your next Youth Group or Church Choir Fun Time on a Wednesday evening at Perfect Shot Branson. Discounts are provided with PRE-booking arrangements only.  

There is much our Seniors can do at Perfect Shot and you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. In the gun simulators, you can have up to 4 shooters in our handgun room and up to 3 in our rifle room. From serious shooting practice to hunting fun to snazzy target shootin’ is what’s happening continually in there with lots of laughs. In the Virtual Realm, many have enjoyed observing three different habitats of our relaxing oceanic journey.  There is nothing scary down there but you just might see a whale wink at you. Others have enjoyed drawing in 3D – and we send your art to you via email. Then there’s music oldies you can enjoy as well. The overhead monitors afford all members of your party to take videos & photos of the players in the booth.   Giggles, laughter and lots of smiles is the name of the game at Perfect Shot.   Call 417-320-6224 and book your group today.  For all PRE-arranged group bookings, please call ahead for our Seinior discounts.

Party Celebrations @ Perfect Shot Branson

Celebration Parties

Bachelor Party.  Bridesmaid’s Party.  Anniversary Party. Family Reunion. Thanksgiving Family Gathering. Christmas Party. New Year’s Event.  Holiday Party.  You name it…..Perfect Shot has the best party plan to give your group an experience of a lifetime with lots of laughter and smiles to last the evening.

Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your group’s time to play at Perfect Shot.  We’re booking NOW for all HOLIDAY parties so call 417-320-6224 TODAY!

Book your special party NOW!

  • $250 for party event
  • includes up to 15 people
  • add $15 for each additional person joining your party
  • 50% deposit to secure date / No refunds.
  • Balance due on party day
  • Tuesdays or Thursdays  6:00 – 8:00 pm

Call for more details. Be prepared to take lots of pictures and videos because the FUN is just about to begin! Note: No alcohol or intoxicated individuals allowed.  No food or drink in the game rooms.


Corporate Celebration @ Perfect Shot Branson

Whether you need a team building event or a celebration party for a great success, Perfect Shot will set the tone for your next game night with lots of fun and laughter.  Perfect Shot is the best place to relieve stress and put smiles on all your team’s faces.  Call and set your appointment now!

Book a team building fun time for your office or corporate team.  

  • $250 per event
  • includes up to 15 people
  • add $15 for each additional person
  • 50% deposit to secure date / No refunds.
  • Balance due on party day
  • Tuesdays or Thursdays  6:00 – 8:00 pm or Call for more details.

Call for more details. Be prepared to take lots of pictures and videos because the FUN is just about to begin! Note: No alcohol or intoxicated individuals allowed.  No food or drink in the game rooms.


Kids @ Perfect Shot Branson

Early Dismissal / Snow Days

Call ahead to book your kids’ fun time at Perfect Shot. (Grades 1st – 12th.) Reward your kids for a “job well done” in school on special projects or a test they studied hard for and passed. Let us know the special occasion and we’ll make sure they have a blast playing in the Virtual Reality Room. Call 417-320-6224 for details.

If a Snow Day is called, watch for last minute surprises on our Facebook Page.

Parents can call ahead and pay for their kids to play 15 minutes for 50% off on Early Dismissal School days only.  Just pay over the phone and give your child’s name and time of expected arrival.  Or you can just stop by from 12 noon until 5:00 pm on the Early Dismissal day.  We’ll see you soon!

Field Trips to Perfect Shot Branson

Field Trips

Teachers are invited to experience virtual reality learning. Call for your 10 minute appointment and more details of this exciting new way to boost learning interest into your students. Insert a trip to Perfect Shot into your lesson plans for extra credit students interested in the Hindenburg, Pearl Harbor, Apollo 11 or Constellations, and more, experiencing virtual reality learning at its best. 

Teachers, if you have never experienced the VIVE HTC virtual reality, we invite you to join us for a 10 minute preview of the learning capabilities these systems can provide your students. Please call first to schedule your preview letting us know what subjects you teach and which school you are employed.  Once you know how you’d like to encourage your students with virtual learning, we can arrange the best extra credit field trip experience for a discounted price to the student(s).  We look forward to visiting with you soon!

Homeschool Adventures @ Perfect Shot Branson

Home School Adventures

Need a motivational booster for those hard working young people in your life?  Bring your students to Perfect Shot as a reward or for an all out educational experience. We’re always adding new virtual reality educational programs to our repertoire so be sure to let us know what your family is studying currently and we’ll do our best to match your home school theme with exceptional moments they will never forget.

Perfect Shot currently has these subjects:  Pearl Harbor, the Hindenburg, Apollo 11, Edmersiv and the Lab.  We will have these video demonstrations of each up on the site for your review shortly.   Perfect Shot is a family owned business with high regard & respect for your Christian values and the choices you have made to raise your children in a home schooled environment. We choose our games carefully so as not to inflict fear upon even the youngest who may glance up at the overhead monitors. Our establishment is built upon prayer to impart peace and joy to all our customers.  We look forward to serving you and your family real soon!


Gifts @ Perfect Shot Branson

Ever sit and wonder WHAT to give as a gift this year to that special someone?  Why not give the gift of TIME to play virtual reality games at Perfect Shot Branson? Or perhaps that special someone wants to hone his/her shooting skills in the gun simulator….  No matter we’ve got the perfect solution for you right now …..

If you’re out of time and need a GRRRRReat idea for a Perfect Shot gift right this very minute, then click this link and follow the directions – eGift Cards

Do you have that special person on your Christmas shopping list who you’re stumped as to what will excite them this year?  We have the PERFECT solution.  How about some game time loaded onto a re-fillable GIFT CARD carrying a load of fun experiences at PERFECT SHOT BRANSON? Stocking stuffer or dynamite little package under the tree – this is a gift of fun they can continue all year for every occasion. Plastic, re-fillable, GIFT CARDS you can wrap up will be here at Perfect Shot for Black Friday Shopping! These cards are great for birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts. Just call 417-320-6224 and our friendly staff will reserve card(s) in your name. (Limited supply available.)  You’ll receive a notification when your gift cards arrive. Then all you have to do is drop by Perfect Shot and purchase the game time you want to give to your special someone and you’re set to wrap it up for that special surprise moment.  We look forward to helping you with your gift card(s). See you soon!


Personal Protection Classes for Women

All information can now be accessed on this page, including SIGN UP and paying securely online.