Get ready to score big. Try your skills at these moving targets to get the best score. Paper targets require 2 shots but if they’re turned backward, don’t shoot them or y you’ll incur a penalty + a miss on your score. Steel targets require 1 shot. There’s no requirement for hit regions. Just the 1-2-0 hits per target type. Additional hits are scored as a miss. The competition begins when you fire the first shot.

Skill Drills 1 is a set of 10 combat skills engagement drills including Controlled Pairs, Head To Head, Hostage Drill, Marksmanship Drill, Matched Colors Drill, Matched Target Drill, Moving Target Drill, Quick Skill Drill, Time Reduction Drill, & Transitional Drill. Police develop consistent skills easily with these 10 drills.

SIMULATOR 1 - Handguns

Real life police “shoot-don’t shoot” scenarios where you have to decide in a split second how to shoot an armed bad guy without injuring an innocent hostage.

This game is set at 3 different abandoned housing settings.  Characters will pop out from the roof, windows, doors and from the front gate. Your job is to stop all threats to the surrounding community.

The world of shooting hosts Practical Shooting Competitions. This sport of practical shooting tests the ability to shoot both accurately and quickly. These competitions test both shooting skills and mental focus.

This fast-paced action game challenges with increasing speed, shoot / no-shoots and decision making.  Each stage presents increasing difficulty with the opportunities for bonus targets while always keeping the shooter on their toes with varying skills being tested.

Quick thinking is the name of the game. Targets flip over and must be shot quickly for the best score. Add no-shoot targets or decrease size for added difficulty.

Test your skills as you shoot wild boar running through the snowy forest at multiple rates of speed and sizes of wild boar.

In the Wild West Shooting Gallery, the objective is to hit as many high point targets as possible in sixty seconds to achieve a high score. This is a fun and entertaining arcade like game.

ADJUSTING GAME PREFERENCES:  Each gun simulation game has an “OPTIONS” button to adjust challenge level (easy to hard),  speed, sound and visual effects (for example, you can change blood splatters into stars, etc.). PLAY MORE THAN ONE GAME:  Depending on how much time you purchase, you can play more than one game.  From the Dashboard you can choose your next game to play. To Exit a Game and return to the Dashboard, look for and shoot the “X” in the top right corner of the page or image provided OR look for and shoot the “EXIT” button at the bottom of the screen.

SIMULATOR 2 - Rifles

Shoot squirrels and acorns to earn points in this very popular Laser Shot game. Points are multiplied when squirrels or acorns are hit without missing. Acorns hit earn 3-10 times more than the squirrels. The golden acorns are worth the most. Squirrels that are shot after eating acorns turn into angels and fly away.

The prairie dogs are at it again; popping out of their holes and running across the range. Try out this fast paced game to have fun ridding the prairie of these pests.  Everyone will have a hilarious time. Visual effects (blood, stars, etc.) and speed can be adjusted through “Options” for age appropriateness.

It’s madness with so many mallards. This is a challenging duck hunting game that presents mallards approaching from all directions. Practice distance and speed skills with this entertaining game.

Practice your shooting skills at deer hunting without the icy cold weather conditions in a rough blind miles away from home. It may be virtual but the patience needed to score well is a reality.

Take your training to a new level in Speed Trap 2. Choose the choke size, clay speed, number of clays per pull, total number of clays and time limit for training to create an exercise that will challenge and develop your skills as a marksman.

Steel Challenge is a marksmanship courseware package that features a variety of targets, environments, and other options available. Each stage gives a total score that includes scores from previous stages, shows the time taken to complete the stage, targets hit, and a score for that particular stage.

Quick thinking is the name of the game. Targets flip over and must be shot quickly for the best score. Add no-shoot targets or decrease size for added difficulty.

The Wild West wasn’t won in a day! With this entertaining game you can “knock the dust off your pistol.” Watch the outlaws pop in and out of windows with lots of surprises. But please watch out for Granny.

This is an entertaining game with lots of surprises and rascally pirates. Test and increase your speed skills while having fun on The Pirate Ship! Hint: Don’t shirt the girl to gain an easy 100 points.

Play the dart game(s) with a rifle. What? Yep, you go that right. Challenge your friends in Dart Duel. Play all four different game types: 01’s, Cricket, Head to Head and Shanghai and stake your claim as champion of the dart board.


Perfect Shot Gun Simulator
Perfect Shot Gun Simulator