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Virtual Reality Games - Perfect Shot Branson

Virtual Reality Games

What hero will you be today?
A Nordic Viking Swordfighting your way through a cave? Or a Jedi training for Light Saber defense? Perhaps you're a Space Pirate defending your ship against droids. How about flying over the skies of Paris as an eagle? Or observing the depths of the beautiful, peaceful ocean? There's always Spiderman and Gunjack. And don't forget about the 3D Art for ages 5-95. With Star Wars and WW2 and Apollo realities to experience, there's sure to be something everyone in your family will enjoy.

Monday - Thursday:  Booking Online Required.
Friday & Saturday:  Walk-ins Welcome.

Simulator Scenarios - Perfect Shot Branson

Gun Simulator Scenarios

Choose your replica handgun and select your 'shoot - don't shoot' scenario to increase your defense skills without expensive live ammunition. From close quarter combat to practical shooting courses your confidence is about to soar.

In the rifle room, try your skills at prairie dogs, mallards, squirrels or deer hunting. Skeet shooters, we didn't forget you - there's plenty of winning shots to own there, too. The steel challenge is always a steady pace for building precise skills. Take a moment to give your kids a quick lesson in gun safety and then let them play Pirate Ship. Tons of fun for the whole family. 


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Family Protection Classes, Leagues, Clubs & Tools

Perfect Shot is dedicated to providing ways for families to become
stronger - together - against crime.

Training Classes

Women's Defense Classes are fun & thorough for the civilian woman to defend herself & loved ones at home, shopping or traveling. Age 19 up can receive their Conceal Carry Permit, if needed. Custom defense classes are available for girls age 15 up.
Also check out our online class for families. Online Class enrollment available.
 Learn more...

Men's Winter Shooting Leagues

Once per year, January - April, Winter Shooting Leagues for Branson locals has proved to be a favorite for sure.  2019 Early Bird Online Enrollment begins NOW. 

Perfect Shot Branson Personal Protection Training

Women's Shooting Club

Coming with more details next April 2019.  Gather your girlfriends on any Monday through Thursday evening of the week, receive some shooting tips and practice for 20 minutes. Kids, age 7 up, are welcome to play in the VR for a discounted fee.  Monthly Club fees with no tax to be announced. Learn more...

Family Protection Tools

Children's books, family board games, puzzles and badges can equip parents to empower (or heal) their children against sexual assault. Check our Rebecca's Damsel in Defense page for product details. Learn more...

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